I do not see myself.
Though I long for holiness of heart,
Of this world I am a part.

I do not know myself.
Though I keep Your Image before my eyes,
The world appears in angelic disguise.

I do not trust myself.
Though I choose Your way,
I fear to be led astray.

I do not save myself,
Though I’m broken and and far from Heaven,
You live in me as heavenly leaven.

You, I see and know,
And You, I trust.
To You, my soul, I, mightily, entrust.


© 2016 Joann Nelander


The Embrace

Clutching You to my heart,
My sins before me,
I make Your Death,
My dying,
And find my life.
You give Yourself to me.
You give Yourself for me.
I hold Your cold,
Your bruised and bloodless Body
As I pray.
Wiping the spittle from Your Face,
I behold the Man,
My sins before me always,
I cling to Your Words.
“Father forgive.”

Now for Eternity

All days have led to this day.

Yesterdays march up to the edge in Time,

But cannot enter upon my Now.

As precursors, they stand,

Peering onto this Today,

Blind as bats.

Their edges approach,

But halt at the Present.

Here, I reign with my will.

If all my mistakes

Shout for change,

Am I now the fool
Who fails to learn?

With the sun,

I am begun.

Eternity beckons me,

Where Time cannot go,

Invites, “Come.”

He, Who sails on Eternity’s Wing,

Would be my Mender,

Not in a breaking of the Past,

But a knitting of it,

A seamless clothe,

As His very own.

The morrow begins as a Way I choose;

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Are gift to my being,

And beginning in this Now,

I am His.


In praise and thanksgiving for the first beat
Of the Sacred Heart of Him
Who was born,
Savior and King.

As today, new life is conceived,
And secreted away in a woman’s womb,
Known only to God in darkness,
As it’s rhythms begin a song of praise
Ever so silent.

Then the moment of joyous awakening,
A singular throb sends a resounding shiver
Through amniotic waters,
Alerting angels of one more heart
Ready to join their chorus of hosannas.

Sounds full of thankfulness,
A Eucharist of being, and becoming,
Ever so sacred,
To the glory of God.

Lifted Up, I Am Drawn

Lifted up,
You hang above the world.
Your outstretched arms
Measure the breath of Your Love.

How great the distance between us,
Yet, greater still,
Your unquenchable thirst for me.

I am a child, a lowly one,
Troubling you, yet, and always.
I tug at the hem of Your garment,
While You tug at my heart.

Lord of my hopes,
Lord of my longing,
Lord of my sorrows,
Lord of my weeping,
Ruler of all Time and Space,
You draw me to an Eternity in Your Embrace.